Nazri, Pantai Dalam

Saya memang blank bila cerita mengenai insurans nyawa. Tetapi penerangan Firdaus mengenai insurans nyawa memang mudah dan senang bagi seseorang yang tidak tahu menahu tentang insurans nyawa. Sekarang saya pula mampu menerangkan mengenai insurans nyawa kepada orang lain. Kami satu keluarga mendapatkan Insurans nyawa dan kad medikal Prudential dari Firdaus.

Idham, Ampang

I have been approached by several insurance agents before. I dislike an agent who doest not listen to my request and cant answer my questions. But, im amaze with Firdaus’s capability in presentation and manage to answer all my questions perfectly. Plus, he is friendly and professional. I recommended him to many of my friends.

Lim, Cheras

Mr Firdaus has saved my whole family so much time and money. Someone is always willing to answer your questions and help in any way. When a claim occurred, they even call you to make sure everything is going smoothly. Thanks so much

Tini, Sepang KLIA

Firdaus explained everything to me and I am very satisfied with the professionalism.

Razali, Cheras

Wife saya kerja di hospital. Saya memang tahu Prudential Insurance yang terbaik. Tapi susah betul nak cari Prudential ejen. Prudential ejen ni banyak appoinment kot, so takde booth sangat macam company lain. So saya search kat internet, jumpa Firdaus dan terus jatuh hati dengan layanan Firdaus serta plan yang dicadangkan.

Eric, PJ

Thank you Firdaus for offering a great service that’s why I referred him to you!

Alias, Bangsar

Thanks for your outstanding customer service, Firdaus.You’ve done a great job for me, my parent and my clients. I will continue to refer you without hesitation!

Hana, Kota Damansara

I wish my other insurance agent was as attentive as you! Thank you for your quick reply & for checking into that for me

Mustafa, Bukit Rahman Putra

Terima kasih Encik Firdaus kerana menolong saya mendapatkan claim untuk perubatan saya. Ejen saya yang dahulu hilang kemana. Walaupun saya bukan client Encik Firdaus, dia sanggup menolong saya.

Aishah, Subang Jaya

Saya nurse baru di SJMC, baru je grad. Memang blur pasal insurance ni. Jumpa agent mesti dorang akan push suruh beli tanpa suggest saya mana yang bagus. So saya tanya la doktor doktor SJMC, mereka kata ambil Prudential. Prudential bagus. Dah doktor kata bagus, confirmla bagus kan.

Saya search internet jumpa la blog En Firdaus. Saya call dia and jumpa. Memang best la dia explain. Straight to product takde merepek pusing pusing kononnya nak buat kesedarana kepada kita. Kesedaran dah ada cuma nak tahu apa bestnya product Prudential. Apa clause clause dia. Apa boleh claim apa tidak boleh claim. En. Firdaus dapat menerangkan segalanya kepada saya. Ini agent yang saya perlukan. Saya pernah ternampak booth E***a  di pasaraya, saya tanya, apa apa tah yang diterangkan, minta brochure pun tak kasi, katanya brochure dapat lepas sign up. Pelik pelik

Kumar, Kuchai Lama

I always heard this ” All insurance is just the same, the most important is your agent” . But when I meet Firdaus, he said it is not true. All insurance not the same, if one agent said that, that’s mean the agent don’t know what he is selling.  Think back it is true, what I need is an agent who know well about the product and can advise me. I meet Firdaus in rush which Firdaus do not have time to prepare anything for me. But he manage to present everything to me with just a pen and a paper. Im amazed.


4 responses to “About

  1. thanks for your help assisting me in MM2H application.

  2. 4 bulan saya email dengan Encik Firdaus, semua email dia balas, saya hendak pastikan plan yang saya beli betul betul saya paham. Alhamdullilah ada agent melayu yang mampu explain insurance dengan jelasnya. Email pastikan check SPAM folder, sebab email Encik Firdaus selalu masuk SPAM folder.

  3. I purchase insurance with intention to protect me and never expect service from the agent. Thanks Firdaus for your help during my admission at Prince Court KL. With medical card, agent didn’t have to do anything to assist policy holder, but Firdaus still come over to visit me and checking everything is good or not.

  4. Im sorry I always reject your proposal of insurance plan. My husband never believe in insurance protection. Now he is gone. Our family, didn’t have any income to support our expenses. I wish my husband purchase insurance policy, not for him, for the sake of family and kids.

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