MM2H – Malaysia My Second Home Programme (Insurance Agent)

In 2002, the Malaysian Government introduced a new programme replacing “the Silver Hair Programme ” to encourage foreigners to come and live in Malaysia. This allowed foreigners to purchase a home and live in the country. Upon approval, an applicant is granted a 10-year stay, which renewable. Visa holders under this programme  are permitted to work in the country except in very special circumstances where the person possess unique skills. Visa holders are allowed to invest in the country as long as it does not involve full time paid employment. They are also permitted to do charity work provided they inform the Immigration Department. Citizens of Israel, Montenegro and Yugoslavia are not permitted to apply under this programme.


An applicant must possess a valid medical insurance policy from any insurance company that is valid in Malaysia, together with a medical report from any recognized medical institution.

Prudential been in Malaysia since 1924 with strong financial profile. Please contact me if you interested to apply Prudential Health & Medical Insurance for your MM2H submission requirement. Please email me for more info.

We have two package which is PRUhealth and PRUsenior med (cheaper premiums)

Signing up process can be done via email without you have to come over to Malaysia just for insurance sign up purpose.   Once your policy documents is ready, you may come over to Malaysia and straight to Immigration Department for application process.


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