No claim? We Reward you with bonus! Pruhealth Medical Plan. Prudential Insurance.

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PruHealth Medical Plan . No Claim Bonus (NCB)

If you are healthy throughout the year and never made any claim, you are entitle for a bonus.

The bonus not given to you in cash. The bonus will channel into your investment account.

Why Prudential do that?

Simple explanation is, when any bonuses automatically rewarded to your account… 100% sure that you will spending the bonus…

But when the bonus inserted to the investment account… the amount of bonus will grow because it is invested..

You may withdraw the money from the investment account but you will withdraw it when you really need it..
or you see good profit growth in your investment and you decide to withdraw.

If you never made any claim , for example 10 years, every year you will be getting RM300 bonus.(PHL200 Plan)

10 years = RM3000
in investment account… the RM300 received yearly will be grow and accumulated every year…
thus your bonus is far more greater than Prudential given you actually..

It is up to you to withdraw the bonus or not. But if Prudential automatically credit bonus to your bank account. We know you will spending it and never invest it

Let me throw a questions here.

Every year you made claim from your medical card? From 5 years.. only just 1 year you made claim?

Specially for medical card for kids. We subscribe for medical insurance for our kids for their protection and investment for future education.
From statistics, kids rarely claim for medical card because they stay healthy.

If you sign up from age 1 and never made any claim till age 18 years :

Pruhealth Plan 200 the NCB is RM300 per year.

RM300 x 18 = RM5400.

It is not going to be just RM5400. The amount will grow maybe around RM8000 because the bonus invested.

You are getting RM8000 for free and plus your own investment for your kids for example RM15K

Upon 18years old, you want to withdraw it there are around RM23K there for your kids.

Your medical card never gives any reward if no claim made? Switch to PRUHealth today!


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