How to change my existing policy to another policy/ Takaful policy? Prudential Malaysia.

change policy

There are several questions received regarding policy changing,

1. Conventional to Takaful

You cant change your current policy to Takaful or upgrading to Takaful as Takaful is totally different plan under different management and company which is Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad. The only way you want to change to Takaful is to surrender current policy and start over again with Takaful.

If your current policy is Investment-Link plan, you doesn’t have to change to Takaful plan, as the plan system is just the same as Takaful if invested in Syariah approved fund.

Check which fund your premiums invested. If the fund not invested in Syariah fund, call up your agent or Customer Service at 03-21160228 and switch your fund. There will be a form you need to fill up, thus I recommend your agent to come to you and bring the form.

2. Reducing Premiums Per Month

You cant reduce the premiums unless your plan is Investment Link plan. Investment Link plan is flexible where you can reduce the Sum Assured or reduce medical coverage. T&C still applied, example you never made any claim before and etc.


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